I thought I was a tough guy, but Carolyn’s Boot Camp really humbled me. She put us through such a variety of excercises that left me with a “well rounded” sense of pain and soreness, but I’d come back to the next class recovered well enough to keep building on the previous work outs. I liked the focus on core strength and how she mostly used our own body weight as resistance. No complex weight machines or electronics, just simple, effective stuff you could carry into your own work outs. Of course, Carolyn pours on the motivation and doesn’t let you be a slacker. Cheers to a great class! 

– Ken Heil, Competitive Cyclist

It was the most difficult class I have ever taken, but at the same time, it was the most fun class I’ve ever taken! If you can understand this – how to both have fun and work hard at the same time – then you won’t want it to end! You will need this class. 

– Allison Laird

During Carolyn’s boot camp class we really worked out hard while having fun. She introduced us to something new each class while keeping some of the things that we liked doing. She always kept us motivated while recognizing our different fitness levels. I am looking forward to the next session. 

– Michelle Roman

Carolyn is my hero.   

I have always enjoyed exercising, but after the birth of my second child, I was in a rut…  all I knew how to do anymore was run.  And, I ran a lot!  But, still my body wasn’t changing – the way I wanted it to change.  Until…I decided to sign up for Carolyn’s boot camp!   

This was the best (and hardest) class I have ever taken!  Going into boot camp, I thought I was in pretty good shape…but I was mistaken.  Over the course of 10 weeks, I went from having zero strength in my upper body to finally at the end being able to do push ups with ease!  My body started to take a shape – I could even see my waist again!  By the end of boot camp, I felt so much stronger…  And I had a TON of fun!    

Carolyn is an EXCELLENT instructor.  She is tough, but kind (and very funny!).  Her class is kept interesting and challenging as she changes the format often.  She pushed me and kept me motivated by reminding me that I would get stronger and it would get easier.   

I am going to sign up for Carolyn’s boot camp again.  It’s tough, but the challenge has given me a phenomenal reward…the knowledge that it IS possible for me to be a STRONG woman…  I am VERY proud of myself for completing boot camp.  I never knew I was capable of such a feat.  I recommend that everyone take on this challenge…  It will feed your soul, it will strengthen your body, it will help you lose that stubborn fat, you will meet new friends, and it will be fun and rewarding!  

– Sarah Heil