Carolyn is an outstanding trainer.  Not only does she arrive on time, with a pleasant attitude, she is also very encouraging and makes every workout fun.  I never thought that would be possible.  She mixes things up each week, so you’re never bored.  She tailors each workout to your specific needs and restrictions.  I encourage you to call Carolyn if you’ve had trouble getting yourself motivated and are looking for someone who truly has your best interests at heart.

– Joan Kistler

With Carolyn’s knowledge of the human body, her ability to change work sessions, her sense of humor and genuine interest in helping one to be a fit person, the training sessions fly by and you are set to continue your day … Carolyn also is able to help with rehabilitation efforts, after one has had surgery. I feel very fortunate to have Carolyn in my life.

– Nancy Greytok

If any of you are thinking about starting a new exercise program, you might want to consider working with Carolyn Grashof. I’ve been working with Carolyn for over a year now to help keep me focused on an exercise plan. I had tried the gym route and exercising on my own, but for whatever reason, it just wasn’t happening. Although I didn’t think this was possible, Carolyn actually makes exercising fun!

My goal was simple and that was to incorporate regular exercise into my life. I did so for health reasons and am happy to report a recent physical showed excellent results with my cholesterol and blood pressure. Both have dropped below text book levels which I totally attribute to my work with Carolyn. Whatever your reason might be, Carolyn can create a personalized plan for you. And in these trying times, if money is an issue, you might be able to join up with others to help reduce the per person cost.

– Jane Evans

Personal training with Carolyn is the best thing I ever did for myself. Within a very short time my body changed noticably. She constantly mixes things up so you don’t get bored and tailors everything to your needs. She is very knowledgable and keeps up with current trends. Not only is she a great trainer, who constantly challenges you, but she genuinely cares about you and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever known.

– Eva Turbyville