• FitBody Personal Training LLC proves that ‘Fitness is for Everybody’

    FitBody Personal Training LLC proves that ‘Fitness is for Everybody’

    FitBody Personal Training LLC proves that ‘Fitness is for Everybody’

    Owner Carolyn Grashof, certified in personal training, indoor cycling, Pilates and more, keeps clients on track

    FitBody Personal Training LLC is ready to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Trainer and owner Carolyn Grashof has a wealth of experience training clients. Focused on helping clients achieve their goals and meet their highest fitness potentials, she focuses on a personal, tailored approach to training.

    As an A.C.E. certified trainer who has been teaching group classes since 1997, Carolyn continues to stay up-to-date with the world of fitness. In addition to her personal training certification, she is also a Senior Fitness Certified Instructor; American Red Cross certified and has Mat 1 and Mat 2 Pilates certifications. She has worked with personal training clients for more than a decade. She is also a certified SPINNING instructor.

    Carolyn has worked with a diverse set of clients, from seniors to young athletes. Some of her focused areas of training include posture, strength, cardio conditioning and flexibility programs. For her in-home training clients, she will bring all of the equipment to the home, and she can also help set clients up with a nutritionist.

    Coordinating routines designed for weight loss, conditioning, muscle toning and overall posture improvement, Carolyn can create a customized plan for each client. Pool fitness programs, indoor cycling and athletic step programs are also offered.

    Gift certificates are available for FitBody Personal Training sessions. Visit www.fitbodyforeverybody.com or email Carolyn@fitbodyforeverybody.com  for more information and to also see a schedule of Carolyn’s group class offerings.